3 Reasons Wood Wick Candles Are the Best Choice for Your Home

Ah, the wonders of wooden wick candles! Not only do they offer a fancy and eco-friendly option for candle enthusiasts, but they also come with some pretty cool benefits. 


First and foremost, when you purchase a wooden wick candle, you can pat yourself on the back for supporting sustainable, local businesses. By buying a juneberryplace candle, you're basically a tree planting superhero! For every $100 juneberryplace spends at our wick supplier Makesy, a tree is planted through Trees for the Future.

Crackle, Crackle

Yep, there's more! Not only do wooden wick candles make you feel like an eco-warrior, but they also offer a calming auditory experience. Did you know that wooden wicks crackle like a tiny little campfire? So, not only can you add some ambience to your space, but you can also pretend you're out in the wilderness while you're at it. Glamping, am I right?

Modern Appeal

And let's not forget about their aesthetics. If you're looking to elevate your home decor, then look no further than our on-trend matte black vessels paired with a wooden wick.  We’re more than happy to be your own personal home decor enthusiast!

So there you have it, my fragrance loving friends. Wooden wick candles: the eco-friendly, auditory, and aesthetically pleasing option for all your candle needs!

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