Scent Snippet: Upcycling and Green Efforts at juneberryplace

Scent Snippet: Sustainable Practices at juneberryplace

We're all about eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients at juneberryplace, but guess what? Waste reduction is our jam too. 🌿

Upcycling in Action

Got those boxes that used to cradle our stylish candle tins and luxe glass bottles? They're getting a second life, folks! These repurposed boxes might not win a beauty contest, but they're MVPs for reducing waste.

room and linen sprays and upcycled product box

Sticker Charm

Imagine a box sporting a fun sticker that says, "It's what's on the inside that counts." Yep, that's us shouting from the rooftops about our eco-friendly upcycling efforts. Adds a dash of personality, right?

Our Green Efforts

I'm a one-woman show over here, but that doesn't stop me from rolling up my sleeves and making sustainable strides where I can for JBP. While we may not be giants in the eco-world, every little effort counts, right?


So, when you opt for juneberryplace, you're not just snagging top-notch scents—you're also backing a brand that's serious about waste reduction. Keep it chic, keep it green, and let's make every scent count! ✌️

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